Motor Vehicle GAP Compliance

Use GAP Canyon to ensure your motorvehicle dealership meets gap insurance requirements


Complete Control

Adaptable question sets & configurable workflow to meet your dealerships needs


Product Flexibility

Meet customer demands by offering multiple choices


Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Produce easy-to-read documentation in a Industry Standardised Format

What is GAP Canyon?

GAP Canyon is designed specifically for the Motor Vehicle Industry.

GAP Canyon is the tool you need to ensure your motor vehicle dealership meets your gap insurance requirements.

GAP Canyon is a web-based platform created specifically for the Motor Vehicle industry. Our tools streamline the process of creating custom question sets and workflows. With our intuitive interface you can save time and hassle when processing GAP insurance (GAP Canyon does not provide GAP Insurance). Use GAP Canyon and save time by automatically creating FCA compliant documents directly from customer statements.

Generate documents from GAP insurance recommendations based on customer choices
Unlimited customer and report creations
Produce reports after customer consultation
Create and manage your own questions

Easy-to-use interface - doesn't require training, get straight into producing results
Integrates seamlessly with most industry standard signature pads
Provide a legally binding digital signature
Complete audit of a customer signature

Accessible via your web browser
No long-term contract
UK Email and Phone support
Hosted in the UK


GAP Canyon is the tool you need to ensure your motorcycle dealership meets your gap insurance requirements.


Use GAP Canyon and save time by automatically creating FCA compliant documents directly from customer statements.



Create custom question sets to be able to provide bespoke options. Configure the cooling off period to meet your needs.



GAP Canyon assists businesses to move away from time intensive paper based review processes to an automated, cost effective solution.


Accessible & Reliable

GAP Canyon is a web-based platform with no download required. Our UK servers keep your data safe, secure and available 24/7.


Get Legal!


Asset Finance Software

If you are an Asset Finance provider looking for a partner to provide Gap Compliance software then you have come to the right place.

Gap Canyon partners with many Asset Finance companies to provide the tools that enable your customers to fulfil their GAP Compliance needs.

Asset Finance providers work with Gap Canyon because Gap Canyon is a specialised tool designed to provide Gap Compliance documentation based on customer answers with full audit capabilities. It is developed, managed and supported by Rakata Technology in the UK.

Gap Canyon can be white labelled as part of your Asset Finance toolkit allowing you to provide a complete suite of products for your customers. If you would like to discuss more about Gap Canyon and how we may be able to benefit your business please contact us.


Gap Canyon provides us with complete control over our GAP Compliance requirements. Previously we were using a tool where we were unable to make changes to the question sets and the questions no longer reflected recent legislation changes. That worry is now in the past. The support is great, simply pick up phone and they can answer all your questions.

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